Key Publications

These are INPUD's Key Publications, and include documents such as INPUD's Consensus Statement, and the documents of INPUD's Drug User Peace Initiative.

Position Papers

These are INPUD's position papers on various topics, and include INPUD's position paper on Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, INPUD's position paper on Capital Punishment for Drug Offences, and INPUD's position paper on Language.

Responses and Letters

These include INPUD's responses and letters to current and ongoing events around the world. 

Statements, Announcements, and Presentations

This page includes information and publications related to key events throughout the year, such as International Drug Users Remembrance Day and International Drug Users Day.

Harm Reduction/Alerts

This page includes information about PMA contaminated MDMA/Ecstasy and anthrax contaminated heroin