Position Papers

  • 2021, People Who Use Drugs and Mental Health PDF (English)
  • 2020, In the time of COVID-19: Civil Society Statement on COVID-19 and People who use Drugs PDF (English) | Spanish | French | Russian
  • 2019, Extended-Release Opioid Agonist Products - A Community Position Statement PDF
  • 2015, Women Who Use Drugs and HIV: Position Statement 2015 [ICW and INPUD] PDF
  • 2015, Position Paper: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for People who Use Drugs PDF
  • 2012, INPUD Statement and Position Paper on Capital Punishment for Drug Offences PDF
  • 2011, INPUD Statement and Position Paper on Language, Identity, Inclusivity and Discrimination PDF
  • n.d., Illicit Drug Use in Pregnancy: An Appropriate Response (Women in Harm Reduction International Network [WHRIN] International Network of Women who Use Drugs [INWUD]) PDF