Key Publications

Each link will take you to the English version of the publication. Where available, links to translated materials are provided in brackets. 

On the A-Gender: Community Monitoring Tool for Gender-Responsive Harm Reduction Services for Women who Use Drugs (2020) | [RU] 

Launch of Injecting Drug User Implementation Tool Training Manual (2019)

What does Universal Health Coverage mean for People who use Drugs: A technical brief (2019)

The Impact of Stigma and Discrimination on Key Populations and Their Families - Policy Brief (2018) | [FR] | [ES] | [RU] | [C] 
The Impact of Stigma and Discrimination on Key Populations and Their Families - Community Guide (2018)

Is Decriminalisation Enough? Drug User Community Voices from Portugal (2018)

When Situations Go from Bad to Worse - Guidance For International And Regional Actors Responding To Acute Violence Against Key Populations (2018)

The IDUIT Brief Guide for People who Use Drugs (2017)

INPUD's Strategic Plan 2017-2020


INPUD Annual Report 2015-2016

IDUIT (Implementing Comprehensive HIV and HCV Programmes with People Who Inject Drugs) (2017) | [RU] | [FR]

INPUD's Constitution (2017)

Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PreP) for People Who Inject Drugs: Community Voices on Pros, Cons and Concerns (2016)

The International Network of Women who Use Drug's (INWUD) Bringing State Commitments to Gender Equality into Action: Addressing the Needs of Women Who Use Drugs (2016)

INPUD's Consensus Statement on Drug Use Under Prohibition (2015) | [FR] | [RU] 

NSWP (the Global Network of Sex Work Projects) and INPUD's Briefing paper: Sex Workers who Use Drugs (2015)

INPUD's Drug User Peace Initiative (2015)

Background Document: An Introduction to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for People who Inject Drugs: pros, cons, and concerns (2015)

The Harms of Drug Use: Criminalisation, Misinformation, and Stigma (INPUD and Youth Rise, 2014)

Women who inject drugs and HIV: Addressing specific needs (UNODC/UN WOMEN/WHO/INPUD, 2014)

Why Advocacy Matters: Global Action with Local Impact - The Role of Global-Level Advocacy in Addressing HIV among Key Populations (INPUD/GNP+/MSMGF/NSWP/ITPC: Global Partners in Bridging the Gaps, 2014)

Nobody Left Behind: The importance of integrating people who inject drugs into HCV treatment programs (MdM/INPUD, 2014) | [FR] | [RU]

Advancing the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Human Rights of Injecting Drug Users Living with HIV (INPUD and GNP+, 2010)