Key Publications

Each link will take you to the English version of the publication. Where available, links to translated materials are provided in brackets. 

Words Matter! Language Statement and Reference Guide (2020)

COVID-19 Survey Report 1: Health & Rights of People who Use Drugs in a COVID-19 Environment (2020)

On the A-Gender: Community Monitoring Tool for Gender-Responsive Harm Reduction Services for Women who Use Drugs (2020) | [RU] | [ES]

Launch of Injecting Drug User Implementation Tool Training Manual (2019)

What does Universal Health Coverage mean for People who use Drugs: A technical brief (2019)

Chemsex: A Case Study of Drug-Userphobia (2019)

The Impact of Stigma and Discrimination on Key Populations and Their Families - Policy Brief (2018) | [FR] | [ES] | [RU] | [C] 
The Impact of Stigma and Discrimination on Key Populations and Their Families - Community Guide (2018)

Is Decriminalisation Enough? Drug User Community Voices from Portugal (2018)

When Situations Go from Bad to Worse - Guidance For International And Regional Actors Responding To Acute Violence Against Key Populations (2018)

The IDUIT Brief Guide for People who Use Drugs (2017) | [RU]

INPUD's Strategic Plan 2017-2020


INPUD Annual Report 2015-2016

IDUIT (Implementing Comprehensive HIV and HCV Programmes with People Who Inject Drugs) (2017) | [RU] | [FR]

INPUD's Constitution (2017)

Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PreP) for People Who Inject Drugs: Community Voices on Pros, Cons and Concerns (2016)

The International Network of Women who Use Drug's (INWUD) Bringing State Commitments to Gender Equality into Action: Addressing the Needs of Women Who Use Drugs (2016)

INPUD's Consensus Statement on Drug Use Under Prohibition (2015) | [FR] | [RU] 

NSWP (the Global Network of Sex Work Projects) and INPUD's Briefing paper: Sex Workers who Use Drugs (2015)

INPUD's Drug User Peace Initiative (2015)

Background Document: An Introduction to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for People who Inject Drugs: pros, cons, and concerns (2015)

The Harms of Drug Use: Criminalisation, Misinformation, and Stigma (INPUD and Youth Rise, 2014)

Women who inject drugs and HIV: Addressing specific needs (UNODC/UN WOMEN/WHO/INPUD, 2014)

Why Advocacy Matters: Global Action with Local Impact - The Role of Global-Level Advocacy in Addressing HIV among Key Populations (INPUD/GNP+/MSMGF/NSWP/ITPC: Global Partners in Bridging the Gaps, 2014)

Nobody Left Behind: The importance of integrating people who inject drugs into HCV treatment programs (MdM/INPUD, 2014) | [FR] | [RU]

Advancing the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Human Rights of Injecting Drug Users Living with HIV (INPUD and GNP+, 2010)