Who We Are


About INPUD:

The International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD) is a global peer-based organisation that seeks to promote the health and defend the rights of people who use drugs. INPUD will expose and challenge stigma, discrimination, and the criminalisation of people who use drugs and its impact on the drug-using community’s health and rights. INPUD will achieve this through processes of empowerment and advocacy at the international level, while supporting empowerment and advocacy at community, national and regional levels.

INPUD is a movement of people who use drugs (current and former) who support the Vancouver Declaration. The Vancouver Declaration sets out the demands of people who use drugs, emphasising that their human rights must be respected and their health and wellbeing prioritised. INPUD is a global network that seeks to represent people who use drugs in international agencies such as the United Nations and with those undertaking international development work. We believe that people who use drugs should be meaningfully represented in decision-making processes that affect our lives. INPUD is committed to demonstrating at country level how people who use drugs can constructively contribute to the development and delivery of services for our community. We believe that we have a unique insight that can help money be spent wisely thus delivering better results for individuals and the wider community. We are asking the international community to stop always framing us as the problem and instead to recognise that we are part of the solution when is comes to addressing problems associated with drugs and drug policy around the world.

Read INPUD's Strategic Plan 2021-2024 by clicking here.

INPUD's Aims:

  1. To advocate and lobby at the international level for the rights of people who use drugs.
  2. To maintain an organization that is effective, transparent and accountable to its membership.
  3. To promote effective prevention, treatment, care and support for people who use drugs who are living with and affected by HIV, Hepatitis, TB and other relevant health issues.
  4. To advocate for intermediate reforms to drug laws in order to reduce the criminalization and stigmatization of people who use drugs while striving in the longer term to an end to prohibition.
  5. To support and seed the development of self-determining networks of drug users that advocate for the health, citizenship and human rights of people who use drugs.
  6. To promote and advocate for harm reduction as a means of supporting safer drug use and reducing drug related harm among people who use drugs.
  7. To build alliances with like-minded organizations and broader civil society to further the aims of INPUD.

INPUD's Principles:

  • Pro drug user rights

  • Pro self-determination

  • Pro harm reduction and safer drug use

  • Respecting the right of people to use drugs or not

  • Anti-prohibitionist

  • Pro equality

INPUD's Constitution (Articles of Association):

Available here (PDF)