Technical Briefs on HIV & Young Key Populations: Young people cannot afford to wait for UN politics!

1 October 2014

To help address the HIV epidemic among young key populations, the United Nations Interagency Working Group on Key Populations produced a series of technical briefs focused on the needs and realities of young people who inject drugs, young people who sell sex, young men who have sex with men, and young transgender people.

These briefs were supposed to be released in July 2014 during the AIDS2015 Conference in Melbourne, Australia, but were held back by the UN as some of the UN agencies would not sign on to the content – all of which is based on the best available evidence on HIV and young key populations.

A coalition of agencies, including INPUD, NSWP, MSMGF and others are urging the UN to #ReleaseTheBriefs as final versions - currently they are still labelled as 'drafts' - and for this to happen as a matter of urgency. Young people cannot afford to wait for UN politics! Petition calling for the adoption and release of the technical briefs as final versions.


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