News: INPUD launches four new documents of the Drug User Peace Initiative

17 January 2015

The International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD) has launched four key documents as part of its Drug User Peace Initiative campaign, each with a specific focus, and preceded by an Executive Summary and Foreword: 

- Human Rights Violations of People who Use Drugs
- Stigmatising People who Use Drugs
- A War on the Health of People who Use Drugs
- A War on Women who Use Drugs

The Drug User Peace Initiative is a unique contribution to the growing global debate about, and demand for, a critical rethinking of the prevailing dogmas of punitive drug prohibition. The Drug User Peace Initiative’s uniqueness springs from the fact that it is a major statement from the perspective of the drug using community itself. The four separate, but interlinked, documents, show clearly the systemic harms done to the health, civil liberties, human rights, dignity and autonomy of people who use drugs from our perspective, and demand an end to the war waged on our community on our terms. The documents will serve as INPUD's principal advocacy tool as we prepare for the 2016 UN General Assembly Special Session on Drugs (UNGASS), and lay out a clear and compelling case for progressive change from the community most adversely affected by the militarised war on drugs.

The Drug User Peace Initiative demonstrates that the war on drugs has served as a pretext for social control, has been endemically racist, and has impacted most extremely on women who use drugs, young people who use drugs, poor people and communities of colour. Demanding a drug war peace is an essential element of any comprehensive agenda for far reaching systemic change based on human rights, civil liberties, equity, and a concern for the empowerment of marginalised communities.

Please invite your friends, community and family to sign up to and support our campaign. Together, we can end the war on drugs.

The International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD) is a global peer-based organisation that seeks to promote the health and defend the rights of people who use drugs. INPUD will expose and challenge stigma, discrimination, and the criminalisation of people who use drugs and its impact on our community's health and rights. INPUD will achieve this through processes of empowerment and international advocacy.

The papers of the Drug User Peace Initiative are part of INPUD’s work under Bridging the Gaps – Health and Rights for Key Populations. In this programme, almost 100 local and international organisations have united to reach 1 mission: achieving universal access to HIV/STI prevention, treatment, care and support for key populations, including sex workers, LGBT people and people who use drugs. Bridging the Gaps is funded through the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Go to for more information.

The production of the of the Drug User Peace Initiative documents has been made possible with the financial support [in part] of the Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund and supported [in part] by a grant from the Open Society Foundations.

- Press Release - INPUD launches four documents of the Drug User Peace Initiative [PDF, 868 Kb]
- Drug User Peace Initiative documents are available to view and download at:

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