Other orgs

Regional Groups and Networks:

Eurasian Network of People who Use Drugs (ENPUD) | www.enpud.net
European Network of People who Use Drugs (EuroNPUD) | www.euronpud.net
Latin American Network of People who Use Drugs (LANPUD) | www.redlanpud.net
Middle East and North Africa Network of People who Use Drugs (MENANPUD)
Network of Asian People who Use Drugs (NAPUD) 

INPUD groups

International Network of Women who Use Drugs | INWUD
INWUD is a subsidiary group of INPUD - all INWUD members are primarily members of INPUD:

  1. INWUD provides a women-only safe space (list-serve) where ideas, challenges and support can be shared.
  2. INWUD promotes equity for women in all INPUD boards, working groups and co-optees.
  3. INWUD reviews and has input into all INPUD documents to ensure women sensitivity prior to their publication or release.
  4. INWUD engages and promotes women who use drugs as equal partners and contributors in all aspects of drugs theory and practice, including drug policy, drug law reform, and harm reduction development.
  5. INWUD actively seeks to collaborate with relevant UN and other international groups and bodies to give greater 'voice' to issues affecting women who use drugs (providing the INWUD philosophy/agenda is respected)
  6. INWUD acts as conduit by actively engaging with the views and experience of women who use drugs, then channelling into advocacy efforts that impact on policy and practice.

Applications to join INWUD can be made via INPUD membership.

Country Networks:

  • Afghanistan drug user group (ADUG), Kabul
  • Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL) is the national peak organisation representing the state and territory drug user organisations and issues of national significance for people who use or have used illicit drugs. www.aivl.org.au
  • L’ADDICQ (Association pour la Défense des Droits et l’Inclusion des personnes qui Consomment des drogues du Québec) | www.linjecteur.ca/addicq
  • Manitoba Area Network of Drug Users (MANDU) Winnipeg, Manitoba. 
  • Meta Dame, an organisation of current and former methadone patients and drug users, operating in Montreal, Quebec. www.metadame.org
  • Unified Network of Drug Users Nationally (UNDUN)
  • Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU ) is a group of users and former users who work to improve the lives of people who use illicit drugs through user-based peer support and education. www.vandu.org
  • UHO Croatian Drug Users Union
  • Danish Drug Users Union/BrugerForeningen. The Danish Drug Users Unions official website, with news, reports, harm reduction, treatment information, guest writers and bloggers, opiate museum and national drug news. www.brugerforeningen.dk
  • The French Organisation for Drug Users /HIV /Auto-Support des Usagers de Drogues (ASUD). ASUD (Self-Support for Drug Users) The French organisation that works to support the reduction in risk to people who use drugs. www.asud.org
  • JES (Junkies, ex-user People in Opiate Substitution Treatment) is the German Network for drug users and one of the oldest drug user networks in the world, founded 1989. www.jes-bundesverband.de
  • German Drug Users Union www.vision-ev.de
  • Indian Drug Users' Forum (IDUF) www.facebook.com/groups/266420433372977/
  • Inner Voice of Drug Users, Chennai City https://ivdusers.blogspot.co.uk/
  • Humanitarian Organization for Progress & Empowerment (HOPE) is a community based organization of injecting drugs user in the Churachandpur, Manipur.
  • Community Network for Empowerment (CONE) Manipur, is a network of community based organisations/groups of people who use drugs in Manipur
  • IKON Bali Drug Users Organisation
  • PERFORMA – Central Java Network of People who Use Drugs
  • Stigma Foundation for Drug Users Rights www.stigmafoundation.blogspot.com
  • Tavo Drugys
  • Drug users Organisation MDHG/Belangenvereniging voor druggebruikers MDHG, Amsterdam www.mdhg.nl
  • Drug Users Union / Landelijk Steunpunt Druggebruikers (LSD) www.lsd.nl
  • Drug Users Union Norway
  • Oslo Drug Users Union/ Oslo Brukerforeningen
  • Drug User and Parents/relatives Union/ Foreningen Human Narkobehandling www.fhn.no
  • Association of People Living with HIV (APLHIV) Pakistan. To Ensure that PLHIVS have equal rights and live with dignity/peace,like other members of society. www.facebook.com/APLHIV
  • WYZWOLENIE: Krakow Association of Substitution Patients (Also known as LIBERATION) WYZWOLENIE is run by users and people on drug treatment, who are working voluntarily to make the human rights of drug users more visible and understandable to people who use drugs, health professionals and government. www.wyzwolenie.weebly.com
Republic of Ireland:
  • Union for Improved Services, Communication & Education (UISCE) drug user organisation based in Dublin, Ireland. Their main function is to articulate as best they can, the issues affecting people who use drugs towards informing and changing policy and practice. www.facebook.com/BrassMunkie
Russian Federation:
  • Russian Drug User Organisation - Moscow
  • KOLODETZ - An advocacy organization with the main goal to defend rights of people affected by drug epidemic and drug policy in Russia: active and former drug users, people with HIV/AIDS, their families, and youth in general.
  • The National Users' Network exists to advocate for the rights and voices of people who use drugs and drugs services. www.facebook.com/Nationalusersnetwork
  • Respect Drug User Rights (Respect) is an organisation promoting health & defending the human rights of people who use drugs in the UK www.facebook.com/RespectDrugs
  • London Drug User Organisation
  • Southampton Drug Users Organisation

If you would like to add a drug user network(s) to this list please contact us www.inpud.net/en/contact

Civil Society Global Partners:

Global Network of People Living With HIV (GNP+)

Global Network of People Living With HIV (GNP+) is the global network for and by people living with HIV. Its mission is to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV. The vision is a powerful and united worldwide social movement of people living with HIV, with their leadership and voices at the centre of the HIV response. GNP+’s objective is equitable access to health and social services for people living with HIV by focusing on social justice, rights and involvement. This will be achieved through GNP’s purpose, which is to promote the greater and more meaningful involvement of people living with HIV in programme and policy development (the GIPA principle). For more information, please visit their website. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

The Global Forum on MSM & HIV (MSMGF)

MSMGF advocates for equitable access to effective HIV prevention, care, treatment, and support services tailored to the needs of gay men and other MSM. The MSMGF coalition involves a wide range of people directly affected by the HIV epidemic, and other experts in health, human rights, research, and policy. MSMGF works with government agencies, national and regional NGOs, and networks of key populations. MSMGF provides: TECHNICAL SUPPORT to ensure a human rights framework is employed in the response to HIV among MSM; integrates the specific sexual health concerns of MSM and transgender people into mainstream health services; builds the capacity of MSM-led or focused organizations working locally to adopt evidence-based HIV-related programs; conducts community-based research focused on understanding facilitators and barriers to HIV service access; and facilitates information exchange and networking among MSM advocates. For more information, please visit www.msmgf.org.

The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP)

NSWP exists to uphold the voice of sex workers globally and connect regional networks advocating for the rights of female, male, and transgender sex workers. It advocates for rights based health and social services, freedom from abuse and discrimination, and self determination for sex workers.

We conduct a mix of pro-active and re-active policy advocacy to support human rights and evidence based approaches to female, male and transgendered sex workers and strengthening sex worker communities.

For more information contact: +44(0)131 553 2555 secretariat@nswp.org
Please visit their website www.nswp.org

Partner organisations: