Joint Response to the UNAIDS Strategy Tream on the Global AIDS Strategy 2021 - 2026

The new Global AIDS Strategy for 2021 - 2026, being developed by UNAIDS, will have significant impacts on community and key population led responses in the global HIV response. A sharpened focus on historically under-prioritised responses such as prevention, human rights, decriminalisation and community-led responses will, along with accompanying actionable results, will help catalyze a re-invigorated future HIV response. 

The following letter, drafted by INPUD with support from the European Network of People who Use Drugs, Harm Reduction International, and YouthRise, was submitted to the UNAIDS strategy team in response to a draft of the Annotated Outline of the Global AIDS Strategy. When reading the strategy INPUD became concerned that our key priorities were being watered down compared to what was discussed during the consultation process and what was presented at the December UNAIDS PCB meeting in December 2020.  In particular, we are very concerned that the pillar on community will be diminished or not reflective of how we define meaningful involvement of the community in the global AIDS response. 

The letter has been endorsed by over 30 community-led networks, drug policy and harm reduction organisations. The PCB will be reconvening to discuss it one week later on Friday, February 5th, and we hope to see our recommendation adopted into the finalalised strategy. INPUD will keep our members updated of all proceedings. 

Read the full letter here.