INPUD Announcement: Executive Director Appointment

February 2017

Judy Chang Appointed as Executive Director of INPUD

INPUD is very pleased to announce the appointment of Judy Chang as our new Executive Director. As of February 2017, Judy is responsible for leading INPUD towards its mission and purpose, responsible for the operationalisation of INPUD’s strategy, for overseeing the representation of INPUD, and is the key liaison with civil society and INPUD’s donors.


For the last 8 years, Judy has worked in the HIV and community health and development field across areas of programme management, resource mobilisation, and communications, and has been increasingly involved in harm reduction, community mobilisation and drug policy work, particularly in regards to women who use drugs. She has worked across India, China, and Thailand. She holds a Master’s in International Development and is an MPhil Candidate at the National Drug Research Institute, Australia. Judy has been using drugs for almost 20 years, and was on OST for close to 10 years.


This appointment is part of a wider set of changes within the INPUD Secretariat that reflect the global nature of our organisation. In the last year we have moved to a regional membership model, and have in place an elected, regionally-representative Board. We have also developed a new organisational structure and are soon to unveil INPUD’s 2017-2020 strategic plan. Judy forms part of a new and vibrant leadership team which includes Brun González, Board Chair, Geoff Ward, vice-Chair and Jay Levy, Deputy Director of the INPUD Secretariat. In the midst of these transitions, INPUD remains steadfast in our commitment to our principles of pro drug-user rights, proequality and self-determination.


As the Executive Director, Judy will be working with the INPUD Secreteriat, as well as our members, key partners and allies to achieve our objectives of protecting the health and defending the human rights of people who use drugs globally. She is looking forward to consolidating our regional membership model, and working towards INPUD’s vision for the ongoing strengthening of the drug user movement globally. Her appointment signals a shift to an organisation that reflects the diversity of the communities INPUD represents, speaking to the need for greater gender-parity and diversity within our movement. 


‘I am honoured to be joining the INPUD Secretariat team and proud to be part of this movement. It is a great responsibility to be carrying on the work that many drug user advocates and activists that I respect and admire have poured their hearts into. I am focused on building an organisation that consults with members, and that coordinates the representation in global fora of the voices and experiences of people who use drugs from around the world. It is a critical time in drug policy and drug user organising. In an environment of growing conservatism, the era of the ‘strong man’, and the rise of regional powers keen to export repressive drug policies, the role of INPUD, our regional members, and in turn their national and local networks in resisting and effectively advocating for our common human rights is critical. I very much look forward to working together with members and allies in our common goal towards social justice; this starts with ending criminalisation, and challenging the ongoing stigma and discrimination faced by our peers’.

Judy Chang