How to Avoid COVID-19: Comprehensive Tips for People who Use Drugs

May 25, 2020

When the world first started reacting to the spread of COVID-19 back in February, the directors of 3D Research, Cheryl White and Russell Newcombe (, created a comprehensive set of guidelines for people who use drugs to follow in order to keep safe during the pandemic. These guidelines were shared widely and adapted into resources which have been used by communities of people who use drugs all over the world. 

3D Research have developed additional tips and guidelines for avoiding COVID-19 targeted more specifically at people using heroin/opioids, people selling drugs, and people buying drugs as well as additional general guidance for people who use drugs. INPUD has teamed with them to produce four sets of leaflets containing all of the necessary precautions and guidance members of the global community of people who use drugs should follow to keep safe during this time. These resources can be easily printed in color or black & white and are intended to be disseminated amongst peer-led networks and harm reduction service providers. 

View and download these resources via Dropbox here.