COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM): Community Consultation Guide

The second phase of the Global Fund COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM) is now underway. The C19RM Guidelines specifically call for consultations with communities, key populations and civil society, particularly those most severely affected by COVID-19. Furthermore, countries must consult with key populations and communities, including both CCM and non-CCM representatives. A minimum of 30% of the C19RM funding request should be for key populations and community responses. 

To help support key population-led organisations in engaging and contributing to the preparation of funding requests for C19RM, INPUD has developed this community consultation guide containing key information and advice for navigating the Global Fund process. Here you will find instructions for organising and documenting community consultations, which are key in the development of submissions to the C19RM, and strategies for following up with CCM representatives. The guide also comes with an accompanying powerpoint slide which can be used by organisations to easily outline this process. 



Access the INPUD C19RM Community Consultation Guide Here.

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