Briefing Note: Global AIDS Strategy 2021 - 2026

At the 47th meeting of the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board (PCB), Member States adopted a new strategy to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030. The Global AIDS Strategy 2021 - 2026 sets new global targets, resource needs estimates and strategic priorities necessary to meet this goal. It is one of the first strategic documents in the entire United Nations system to align with the Sustainable Development Goals and has been generally considered one of the most progressive and community-oriented strategies ever produced by a UN agency. The Strategy will also help shape the next United Nations General Assembly High-Level Meeting on Ending AIDS (HLM) and its Political Declaration, to be held on 8-10 June 2021.

The three strategic priorities set by the document are:

  1. To maximize equitable and equal access to comprehensive peoplecentered HIV services.
  2. To break down legal and societal barriers to achieving HIV outcomes.
  3. To fully resource and sustain HIV responses and integrate them into systems for health, societal protection and humanitarian settings.

To help identify how the new Strategy can be used to advance advocacy priorities domestically and in the lead up to the HLM, INPUD has developed this brief outlining some of the key targets set by the strategy that may be helpful for people who use drugs and the organizations representing their interests. 

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