Announcement: Office And Project Manager Retirement

July 2019


The INPUD Secretariat would like to announce the retirement of our Office and Project Manager, Terry White.


Terry started working with INPUD in 2014, and has a long history of community mobilisation and organisational development. In 1993, he co-founded the UK Coalition of People Living with HIV and AIDS and in 1995 launched Positive Nation, a magazine aimed at people living with the HIV.


In the early 2000s, Terry worked with the All-Ukrainian Network PLWHIV, the Russian Association of PLWHIV and Tochka Opory, an all-Ukrainian MSM organisation. On leaving Ukraine in 2013, he provided consultancy for the foundation of the Middle East and North African Community Advisory Board, and the M-Coalition, an MSM coalition based in Beirut. Terry holds an MSc in Organisational Management from the University of Bristol.


Terry is the longest serving member of staff at the Secretariat based, and has contributed enormously to the organisation over the years. We send him our very best wishes for his well-deserved retirement. We would like to publicly thank Terry for everything he has brought to the organisation, the network, and the movement. Thank you, Terry!


In Terry’s own words:


“I am excited about my impending retirement and that I can take advantage of it while I am fit enough. It’s time to say goodbye to INPUD, where I have been working since February 2014.


It’s been an interesting five years with many extraordinary ups and downs! It has been a long five years, which have seen many challenges and changes, and INPUD has survived and been strengthened by them.


My goal of joining INPUD was to enable it to be as strong in the HIV sector as the other key population organisations were. Its brilliant to see how much the organisation has changed and how I managed to help it change. It is wonderful to see that INPUD is now in that position. So, it’s appropriate to take my leave.


I wish INPUD well and that it goes from strength to strength in the coming years.”