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October 2019

INPUD is very excited to launch the Injecting Drug User Implementation Tool Training Manual and accompanying slides.


Developed jointly by UNODC and INPUD, in collaboration with other partners, the guidance document Implementing Comprehensive HIV Programmes with People who Inject Drugs: Practical Approaches from Collaborative Interventions – otherwise known as the Injecting Drug User Implementation Tool (IDUIT) – was published... Read More

A Community Position Statement

In recent years, services and options for people with opiate dependence have expanded to include a range of prolonged-release buprenorphine formulations. Although these new options can represent the right solution for some individuals, a significant risk of a coercive use exists, especially in countries where people who use drugs are highly criminalised and discriminated against. In such... Read More

17th October 2019

On the 10th October, 2019 history was made in Lyon, when governments, philanthropic donors and the private sector pledged US$14 billion for the Sixth Global Fund Replenishment, more than any other global health institution has ever raised. Harm Reduction International, Eurasian Harm Reduction Association, International Network of People Who Use Drugs and the... Read More