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6 July 2020

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The global movement of people who use drugs has achieved exponential growth over the last four decades. Throughout the world drug user led advocacy has become a global phenomenon pushing to protect and defend the health and human rights of the drug... Read More

15 June 2020

The International Network of people who Use Drugs (INPUD), Recovering Nepal (RN), and the Indian Drug Users Forum (IDUF) were pleased to hear the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention is compiling a study on Arbitrary Detention related to drug policies. In response to their call for stakeholder submissions, we have decided to bring renewed attention to the violations of human rights suffered by people who use drugs detained in compulsory... Read More

12 May 2020

Harm Reduction International and the International Network of People who Use Drugs urge international donors, philanthropic organisations and national governments to safeguard funding for harm reduction during COVID-19. They should also ensure that COVID-19 emergency funding is directed to, and serves the most vulnerable people in our society, including people who use drugs.

In order to ensure this, harm reduction services must be... Read More