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September 2019

INPUD’s Support of HIV2020

The International Network of People who Use Drugs, INPUD, is resolute in our support of the HIV2020 Conference in Mexico City.


Despite recommendations of global community-led networks, the International AIDS Society (IAS) have chosen the United States as the site for its next International AIDS Conference in 2020. We will not be... Read More

31st August, 2019

On International Overdose Awareness Day, we, as people who use drugs from around the world, demand an end to the death and devastation wrought by the overdose epidemic. Awareness is nothing without concerted political action. 

Our very lives, and the lives of those we love, are the human cost of this deadly war on drugs. All too often, drugs themselves are blamed for claiming... Read More

August 2019

After the close of the 2019 IAS Conference on HIV Science in Mexico City last month, global community-led networks joined forces with Mexican and Latin American advocates to continue planning for the upcoming HIV2020 Conference.


HIV2020: Community Reclaiming the Response, will be an alternative convening for individuals who are unable or unwilling to enter the United States to attend the... Read More