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18th April, 2019

The International Network of People who use Drugs (INPUD) is seeking a committed team member to join the INPUD Secretariat to coordinate our work under the Robert Carr Fund programme.

The role involves coordinating the Robert Carr Fund Consortium of Networks of People who Use Drugs, which brings together global and regional networks of people who use drugs, namely the International and Asian networks, INPUD and ANPUD, who have a long... Read More

April 2019

INPUD is deeply saddened by the passing of our member, friend, previous Director on our Board, our representative, and our facilitator, Dean Lewis.


Dean was determined to live his life with grace and fire, and in this he succeeded. He was relentlessly and consistently thoughtful and was as generous to people as he was aggravating and demanding of institutions who metered out pain and destruction to his community under the... Read More

March 2019

INPUD's statement for the 62nd Session of the CND emphasises that the way forward must be defined by a commitment to the inalienable human rights and dignity of people who use drugs. This cannot be suspended in the pursuit of a “drug-free” world. Under the principle of common and shared responsibility, we remind member states of their human rights obligations under international law. Finally, in safe-guarding the future, the critical role of... Read More