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Following the publication on 17 May 2019 of the zero draft of the political declaration to be approved at the high-level meeting on Universal Health Coverage, please see a statement co-signed by global HIV, civil society and key population networks from the Free Space Process and the Partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect the HIV response (PITCH).

 We very much hope our concrete recommendations for language in the ongoing... Read More

June 2019

This report focusses on challenging the stigma and discrimination experienced by individuals who engage in chemsex, in order that they can equitably enjoy the full range of human rights afforded to all people. As with all of INPUD’s community-driven documents, it discusses and documents the human rights, health, wellbeing, and lived realities and experiences of people who use drugs, in this case, people who engage in chemsex. As INPUD’s first... Read More

April 2019

INPUD is deeply saddened by the passing of our member, friend, previous Director on our Board, our representative, and our facilitator, Dean Lewis.


Dean was determined to live his life with grace and fire, and in this he succeeded. He was relentlessly and consistently thoughtful and was as generous to people as he was aggravating and demanding of institutions who metered out pain and destruction to his community under the... Read More