30 June 2017



June 30, 2017 Onwards


United Nations (UN) agencies, over 45 UN member states, the European Union, the International Criminal Court (ICC) and over 370 community and civil society organizations globally have condemned the war on drugs in the Philippines.

Two cases have been filed in the ICC for his crimes against humanity. However, such efforts and concerns were either mocked or openly challenged by Duterte.


“Is there no one, no entity that can stop Duterte? Does our humanity not demand we mobilise in anger?”



During the 25th International Harm Reduction Conference in Montreal, Canada, Senator Risa Hontiveros, a leading health advocate in the Philippines presented how the new administration has proposed a range of drug policy reforms that aims to strengthen Duterte’s crime and punishment approaches. As an alternative to his reforms, Senator Hontiveros has filed the “Public Health Intervention for Drug Use Act of 2017”, that would institutionalize life saving harm reduction policies. Watch the full video below:





Duterte must be stopped!

Shortly after being sworn into office on June 30, 2016, Durterte ramped up the war on drugs with a campaign called ‘OPLAN TOKHANG’ - a portmanteau of two words meaning ‘to knock’ and ‘to plead’. Suspected drug users and pushers were hunted at all hours; and mostly shot dead. Their corpses were mummified and displayed in the streets with placards reading “Pusher or drug user – don’t be like me” as a warning.

One year on, the word has been witness to over 8000 murders, 12,000,000 surrenders and 64,000 arrests of people who use or are suspected of using drugs. More than 60% of these killings have reportedly been carried out by masked vigilante gunmen. Prisons are cramped and those in prisons are subject to an extremely slow-moving national judiciary system.

Duterte’s war on drugs has effectively given him a license to kill and promoted a culture of impunity. It has disproportionately affected low-income and marginalized communities in the Philippines. Duterte’s war on drugs has not only led to mass murder and incarceration, but has destroyed peace, security and the lives of people, families and communities. 


We call on human rights advocates, UN agencies, member states, media and individuals who believe that every human life is of value to take action.

Duterte’s regime has shown us the worst of humanity; cruelty, degradation and persecution of people who use drugs and communities. We need not fear because there is only one thing that can happen to us now – WE RISE


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